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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Bail Bonds in Virginia
Northern Virginia Bond Questions:

    • How much will it cost to get out of jail?
    • How much will I actually have to pay?
    • If a person is arrested, do they automatically get a bond set?
    • What if my loved one was denied bond?
    • Are there any alternatives to bail bond companies?
    • How can I find a bail bond agent in Virginia?
    • Will a bail bondsman help me if my loved one is arrested at night?
    • What is a bond hearing?
    • What if I miss a court date after a bond hearing?

Why is Half/Down Bail Bonds taking over the bail market in Virginia so quickly?
Because they are the best and it seems to be God's will.

How much will it cost to get out of jail?
It is impossible to tell a person exactly what it will cost to get out of jail, unless they have had a specific bond amount set by a judge, and a bail bond agent has been selected. Depending on the offense and the nature of the judge, a 3rd party corporate surety bond (a fancy way of saying a typical bail bond) may be as low as a few hundred dollars, or as high as tens of thousands (albeit rare, sometimes bond is set over six-figures).

First-time offenders who have never been to jail are typically shocked when a judge sets bail at several thousand dollars for relatively minor offenses; this is because those unfamiliar with the justice system do not understand the way the bail bond industry works. The true out-of-pocket expense, unless the defendant fails to appear, will be nothing close to the sum the judge orders.

The reason why bail bonds exist in the first place is because they secure a person’s appearance (unless the person simply does not care about picking up additional charges and paying the full amount). To recap: a judge will normally set a corporate 3rd party bond, which means a third party (not the defendant) will pay a bail bonding company to post the surety (a bond), and in exchange, the company will keep about 10%-15%. The full amount is only required to be paid if the defendant does not appear on his or her court date.

Most bail bondsman in Northern Virginia will require 10% under normal circumstances.

How much will I actually have to pay?
Most bail bonding agents and companies in Northern Virginia require 10-15%. A failure to appear will result in the full amount due. Sometimes, there is no bail at all. If the offense is minor but the person was arrested nonetheless (taken into custody), if they do not pose a threat to the community and are not deemed to be a flight risk, then the judge may release them on their own recognizance.

If a person is arrested, do they automatically get a bond set?
No. Sometimes, a magistrate will set bond and if the individual can afford to pay the percentage charged by the bail bonding company, then he or she will get out of jail without having to file a bond motion. But if a judge does not set bond, a formal bond motion is required. In Virginia, we attorneys call this a “Motion for Reduction of Bond,” even though sometimes the motion is really to have a bond set.

What if my loved one was denied bond?
If your loved one has been denied bond by a magistrate and no attorney appeared on his or her behalf, then there is no reason to panic. If you can find an attorney willing to take the case, he or she will be able to file a written bond motion. This is allowed even if the magistrate initially refused to set a bond. In Fairfax County, the bond hearing is typically scheduled for the morning of the first business day after any bond motion filed before the court closes (sometimes, the cut-off period is before the end of the court’s business day).

A lawyer will want to meet with the detained individual prior to the hearing, because there are several important factors a judge considers when deciding whether or not a bond is appropriate. If the judge does set a bond, then the amount will also be determined by the judge based upon some of the same factors. Having experience successfully securing a bond as a criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA, and having studied the case law on this topic, the following 2 factors are the most important:
• Does the person pose a flight risk?
• Is the individual a threat to the community?

Are there any alternatives to using a bail bonding company?
Yes. Sometimes a judge will agree to a cash bond, but most of the time this is not a real option for a defendant. A more realistic bond motion without a bail bond as the security for returning to court is release pursuant to participation in a supervised release program. That said, the most of the time a judge will order a personal recognizance or third party recognizance corporate surety bond.

How can I find a bail bond agent in Virginia?
Our Bail Bonds directory lists various Northern Virginia bail bond companies. For bonding agents in Virginia Beach or other areas, you may send our Virginia criminal defense attorney a message. If we are able to help you find a company, we will pass along the contact information of a trusted business.

Will a bail bondsman help me if my loved one is arrested at night?
This is a very good question. The answer is, usually. Most bail bond companies are either open around the clock, or they are always on-call. If you think about it, this makes business-sense. More crimes are committed at night time (and the crimes tend to be more serious). If your loved one has been arrested and it is late at night or early morning, you should check our bail bonds directory for contact details and not let the time of day dissuade you.
I have even known bail bondsmen who routinely go out of their way to help my clients. For example, one gentleman who does not drive needed a ride to a bank to make the payment to the bonding agent. The agent had no qualms taking my client to his bank.

What is a bond hearing?
A bond hearing is when a judge/magistrate determines the bond (or, amount of money to be posted) for the release of the jailed individual. It may either be a hearing where the defendant appears via television monitor, or it may be a hearing that takes place after a bond motion is filed. When an attorney files a bond motion, the charged individual will typically be brought up to the court to appear before the judge.

What if I miss a court date after a bond hearing?
The reason bail bonds exist is to ensure the Commonwealth that an individual will not miss a court date. Therefore, a person who is bailed out and then subsequently misses the court date may have to pay the full amount of the bond, as opposed to the 10-15%. It will usually also result in an additional criminal charge and additional jail time and/or fines (unless there is a very good reason).

My family member or friend was recently arrested…What is the first step?
If your loved one was recently arrested and is currently in jail or on the way, our Northern Virginia criminal lawyer understands how stressful this time may be. The first step is to determine where he or she is being held. Below, you will find the addresses for various Northern Virginia jails. After you know where they are, you should either call a criminal defense attorney, or a bail bondsman. Both should be able to help you and offer you guidance. As a Fairfax criminal defense attorney, I know many bail bonding firms, and would be happy to recommend one. Likewise, most experienced bail bonds agents ought to know several criminal defense attorneys who they can recommend based upon the person’s needs.

If it is the middle of the night, you should still reach out to a bail bond agent (they are typically open around the clock). A criminal defense attorney may or may not be open if it is an odd hour. There is no harm in trying, and the sooner you contact a lawyer the better.

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